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Computed Radiography (CR) is the acquisition of a digital image using a flexible Phosphor Imaging Plate (IP) in place of conventional film.
Key advantages of CR include:
– IP’s are reusable
– No darkroom or chemicals required
– Exposure and processing times are reduced
– Easy workflow and image optimization with ScanX View software
– Simple to share and archive digital information

CR Technology consists of a 3 step process:
The imaging plate (IP) is exposed with X-ray or gamma radiation which causes the phosphor layer in the plate to store the image.
During the reading process the IP moves through the scanner as a focused X-ray beam triggers the release of stored image data in the form of visible light.
The emitted light is detected, amplified and converted into an electrical signal that is digitized, transferred to a computer and finally displayed as a digital image on the PC screen.
As the IP is scanned, the scanner’s internal in-line eraser removes residual data from the IP which is then ready for the next exposure.




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